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Quality Painting Contractor – 2017 Award Winner!



Another Quality Painting Project Seals the Deal for Us.

We have been blessed to receive the American Painting Contractor’s Top Job Award for the 4th year in a row.


The American Painting Contactors Magazine has awarded the Top Job honor for 19 years. The judges look for contractors that go above and beyond for their customers. They look at companies who provide


  • the best quality service,
  • craftsmanship,
  • help to overcome all obstacles and challenges


all to deliver the best possible final product.


The Top Job award is given annually to the top residential painting contractors throughout the country. Adix Painting has won this prestigious honor in Arizona for 4 years running.

  • 2017 Restoration Project in Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona
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We are proud of our hardworking team; all of whom strive to provide excellent customer service and attention-to-detail. Our unique approach to customer service and versatility keep the awards rolling in year after year.

2017 Scottsdale Residential Restoration Project


Customer Service

We were asked to inspect a condo in Scottsdale and provide an estimate to repaint the stucco exterior. Steve completed his inspection, then cleaned up the areas afterward. This obvious care for the property won over the client. It was the deciding factor in her decision to hire Adix Painting.

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The Problem

Significant signs of wear were all over the exterior of the condo. The beam that supported the span of the carport had 45 years worth of weather damage.

Other beams on the property had been improperly painted causing failing paint. Underneath the poorly applied paint, the beams were severely rotted.

The stucco was cracking and failing where beams entered the block wall. The parapets walls had severe chalking, and evidence of paint failure with cracks and lifting paint. The intersection of the beams and the metal flashing was not sealed causing water intrusion.

The Solution

The support beam over the carport maintained its integrity, so the rotted wood was removed and all exposed wood was sealed with PPG’s Wood Permanizer. Our team used Miracle Bond to fill in gaps of missing wood. Next, we applied a topcoat of an elastomeric custom patch that was flush with the existing beam.


Other beams on the property were scraped and brushed then repaired. The team used a combination of Sherwin-Williams Miracle Bond Epoxy and Rock Hard to rebuild the raw wood. All wood areas were sealed with PPG’s Seal Grip Permanizer Plus Wood Stabilizer. Extra care was taken to seal the joints where wood and stucco met.


Stuccoed areas were sealed with Dunn Edwards’ Super-Loc masonry bonding primer. The team applied Dunn Edwards Evershield 10 Flat Cottage White DEW 318, and Zinsser Okon Paint Booster help repel water.

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A Quality Job Starts with Quality Materials

PPG's Wood Permanizer

Quality exterior acrylic based primer. Works well on wood, plywood, and lumber.

Miracle Bond Epoxy

Ceramic based epoxy solution. Repairs almost all materials: metal, wood, stone, concrete or brick.

Dunn & Edwards' Evershield

Best in its class and versatile enough to work on wood, metal, or block.

Okon - Paint Booster

Paint like a professional. Makes every job look vibrant while extending lifetime.


Quality Over Quantity

Customer service won us the job. Our approach to challenges and our commitment to craftsmanship won us a client for life. After completing the exterior of the house, the homeowner has asked us to help complete several interior projects later this year.


The image attached shows a text message from our customer. Our goal, no matter the project, is to increase the value of the property through quality painting methods. 

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