2320 East Baseline Rd #148 Phoenix, AZ 85042-6951 602.505.5872

When Paint Jobs Go Bad

This property located in the downtown Phoenix area was painted in May of 2015 in effort to increase the home’s resale value. Sadly, the newly painted home began showing signs of deterioration 12 months later.

All failing surfaces had to be scrapped, wire brushed and primed with Dunn Edwards Super-Loc exterior masonry bonding primer, followed by multiple layers of elastomeric stucco patch. Some area Rapid Set Mortar repair was used to build areas to match existing stucco. The body color was Dunn Edwards DEW339 Bone China.

1938 Willows Property

Phoenix, AZ


January 2017


Dunn Edwards DEW339 Bone China


Restoration, Repaint