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Paint Coach to the Rescue @ Phoenix Beauty Salon

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Transforming the Beauty Salon in Downtown Phoenix

At Adix Paint we work with our clients to create spaces that are unique to them and suit their individual needs. Any paint company can slap a new coat on, but only Adix will give your job the attention and care it deserves. When you hire us you don’t just get a paint job you get a paint coach.

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.

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The Story

Recently, we were able to help Brynn, a local business owner, at her salon. She needed help making changes to her building. She runs a salon in the valley and her space did not meet the needs of her business. She was dealing with three different issues.




  1. First, the baseboards along the bottom of the walls had been poorly installed. Black caulking was coming up around the boards and the tile, making Brynn’s salon look cheap and old. Not a good image for any business but especially not one where customers have to sit still and stare at walls for hours at a time.

  2. Next, the walls, while well painted, were covered in a blue-tinted white. The tint was strong enough that it was causing problems with their work. As a salon, they offer great hair coloring services, but the glare from the tint of the paint was making their customer’s hair color appear different than it looked under natural light.

  3. Finally, the space inside the salon felt small, and Brynn wanted to open it up and make it feel bigger.
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Painting Coach in Action - Baseboards

This is where Steve, her personal painting coach came to the rescue.

He walked with Brynn throughout the building, discussed each issue and their solution with her.

The excess caulking is relatively easy to take care of, it would take about 8 hours plus costs. Or Brynn could easily take care of it on her own, he explained to her how to tape off the baseboards, use a solvent to break down the excess caulk and the scrape it all off. He could do it for her or if she wanted to save money she could easily do it herself too.

  • Transformed

    Floors & Baseboards

    After excess caulk was removed from basebords and tile.

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Troubleshooting - Salon Walls

The blue walls obviously had to go.


Brynn needed a new white that would give her clients a true LOOK of their hair when she was coloring it.  The current white with ceiling light was creating too much blue.


Steve was able to suggest a visit to Dunn Edwards to sit with a color consultant; they were able to help her selec  a DEW344 Frosting Cream for walls, baseboards and door and an Aristoshield 30(eggshell), which is an ultra-premium interior/exterior ultra-low VOC enamel formulated with advanced water-based urethane alkyd technology for an oil-like finish. By using Dunn Edwards’ free color consultant Brynn was again able to save on billable project hours. 


It is Ideal for projects where superior performance and durability are required. 

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Design - Accent Wall

Finally, Brynn wanted the space to feel larger. Steve explained there was a simple solution to this as well. An accent wall with the right color would open up the room.


Not just any color works this magic, together they choose a Dunn Edwards color DE6374 Silver Polish to accent and spread out the room.


In addition, he gave her some tips and tools to help protect the walls from chairs, tables, and other salon furniture. 


Brynn couldn’t be more happy with the finished product. She has received several compliments on the new look.

  • Design

    Accent Wall

    The gray accent wall worked well to open up the salon while complementing the salon's furniture.

  • Contrast

    Full View

    A look at the completed project showing the contrast of the accent wall with the newly painted white walls.

  • After Repaint


    What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

  • Baseboard Guard

    Life Hack

    Using a small piece of foam we were able to protect the newly cleaned baseboard.