Bidding Projects for Contractors is Tricky at Best

Tiered Bidding for Contractors & Painting Pros


A common question is often, “How much does painting cost?”. Great question. Every painting project differs, therefore project hours need to be figured accordingly. This is often a big hang up for many contractors. While customers often like “flat-rate” pricing, this isn’t always the best approach; for the contractor or customer.

Bidding painting projects is one aspect of the industry that can really stump some business owners. It can be one of the hardest tasks because estimating a job cost is not an exact science. Bidding too low may mean surprising costs for your customer resulting in a bad experience for them and a bad review for you. Bidding too high means overcharging or even losing a potential sale.


How do you keep from working for pennies while at the same time refraining from damaging your client relationship with unforeseen costs? Here’s how we handle pricing estimates at ADIX Painting.


What Works for Us

There are two crucial factors when it comes to determining a bid, time and material. The key to making the right bid is to estimate these variables accurately. The only way you can really do this is through experience.


Start by keeping a log of all of your jobs. Include detailed notes about what you did and how long it took. You will be able to use this as a reference guide for estimating jobs in the future. Experience is the key to eliminating unforeseen costs.

Sample log from a Phoenix, AZ interior and exterior restoration project.

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Sample project log from Tempe, AZ project. We completed a variety of restoration, remodeling and painting services.

Every Project's Different

Restoration Work


Many projects require restoration work and with any restoration project, it is hard to determine how bad the damage is until you start digging into the problem. So how can you accurately estimate a cost like this?

At ADIX we handle restoration projects with three different techniques.


Step 1

First, we communicate clearly and often with the homeowner about the process. This requires trust between us and the homeowner.

Project Phases

Step 2

We often handle restoration projects in phases. The first phase may be a repair or restoration, and in another phase, we will provide painting services or other work as needed.

Client Involvement

Step 3

We allow our customers to handle some of the grunt work that requires little skill. This keeps the homeowner involved and also reduces their costs. Both of which help establish trust in the customer/vendor relationship

Tiered Pricing

Our tiered pricing style reflects these techniques. We offer economy, standard and custom pricing to each of our customers. No matter which option they choose the package is extremely detailed. We pay close attention to the work detail, especially, if the homeowner is going to be involved.  If the homeowner is planning on doing some of the work, then their responsibilities are clearly listed as well as the responsibilities and work ADIX will perform.

For example, in the economy package the customer might remove all of the items from the room, including wall hangings and furniture, while in the standard package, the customer might just clear the walls and leave the rest of the room for us to prep. The custom package usually means we do all of the work, including clearing the walls and room of items before prepping it for painting.

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Most of our residential customers chose the custom painting services over the standard. But for those who thought price was their determining factor when choosing a company, they soon learn that craftsmanship and quality are of equal, if not more, importance.  Although, estimating job costs is not an exact science it can be done well with the right tools and techniques.


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