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Selecting the Best Paint Color for the Arudda’s in Phoenix — Case Study

Selecting the Best Paint Color is Challenging for Most Home Owners

Many people struggle with decisions when it comes to redesigning the interior of their home. Simple decisions, such as what color to paint the walls, become monumental when you look at all the possible options. Dunn Edwards goes a long way to helping people with these overwhelming decision. Their in-store designers can take the layout of a home and help owners decide on the best colors to use. But some people need just a little more help than that.

Dunn-Edwards' Free Color Consultant Service

D&E offers a free in-store color consultant to assist in selecting the perfect color for your home. Appointments are recommended click here for more details.

The Arruda Project

Such was the case with our clients, the Arrudas.  While they had their colors selected for them, they weren’t able to decide which colors they would use, or where specifically they would use each color. After painting several  2×2 foot canvases and still being conflicted the Arrudas gave ADIX Painting a call. View the before and after picture below.

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Color Selection & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our first challenge was to decide on which of the three colors recommended by Dunn Edwards would be used. To help the Aruddas make this decision we placed the 2×2 canvases they had painted along the walls in specific areas. We chose strategic areas where the natural light would provide the least biased representation of how the color would look.


Next, we recommended working with two accents walls to help break up the rooms and make them appear more open and inviting.


But the Aruddas had bigger problems than color decisions. They had the misfortune of having a popcorn ceiling in the dining area. As we know popcorn ceilings were a popular trend in the 80s and many people have been left to suffer the disastrous results of that trend.


Some believe the removal of a popcorn ceiling is as easy as scraping off the bumps, however, the reason popcorn ceilings were so popular was because they easily hide imperfections.

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Before & After Ceiling Renovation

Therefore, when you scrape off the popcorn, what is left is the imperfections they were trying to hide, to begin with.


To fix the dining room ceiling we first covered the floor to protect the carpet from any damage. Then we used a paint gun, loaded with only water, to moisten the ceiling. It is easier to use than a hose and has the added benefit of having more control over the amount of water being applied.

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After the texture was removed and sanded we patched the seams between the sheets of drywall. From there we floated and textured the ceiling. We used a Dunn Edwards vinyl elastic coating for priming. This product is specially designed for drywall and is key to a spectacular final appearance. 


With all drywall work, we inspected the ceiling from all angles to ensure there were no imperfections. We took an especially careful look at areas around the perimeter where the ceiling meets the walls. These areas require extensive prep work to make sure the final appearance would be smooth and flush.


The completed project breathes new life into the Arudda’s home, making living spaces feel larger and more inviting.



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